27 June 2008

Supermassive Black Hole: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

How cool is this ....

Diamond Fold Card

I've done a project sheet for this one. When I figure out how to upload it I'll get it in here so you can print if you want.

Two pocket Card

Here's a folded card which is really simple to do but really effective. Why not have a go!

Diamond Fold Card

Going to post my You Tube video on this one. Hope you like it!

26 June 2008


Can you hear me mother? I heard that this blogging malarky is the new black, so never being one who likes to miss out on anything (except viruses) I had to have one too. Still not on Facebook but that's my next mission.

So who's going to be remotely interested in anything I've got to say? Well there's my mum .... ..... and my dad (thinking though whether he uses a computer .. possibly not at home ... not enough to read blogs I'd say), oh definitely my hubby, Gary, who daren't not take an interest. So that's two. I expect I'll be talking to myself most of the time and reading the wonderful things other people think of to say in theirs.

How about if I start with the last couple of weeks? Well we gotta start somewhere.

So a couple of weeks ago my mate Jane E-C and me trotted off to Holland to our first ever Scrap-a-Ganza. We were soooo excited - we had 13 classes booked starting on Friday at 3pm and finishing lunch time on Sunday. We scrapped our little socks off and Jane, who crafts like she's up against Carl Lewis doing 100m dash, got several of her projects finished within the hour that most classes took. I did not. Everything I came home with was barely started and some of the stuff, being still wet when I packed it up to rush to the next class, ended up stuck to my stash in my bag and beyond salvage. It felt a little bit like a trolley dash in a supermarket but it was wonderful. If anyone went we were the two with the matching embellished aprons - all Jane's handiwork - and although we both loved them to bits we did feel a bit daft being the only people at the entire event with aprons on! (Photos will follow) (and no neither of us wear aprons at home). The event wasn't perfect but who cares when you've got the chance to learn from such great scrappers and add fabbie things to your stash. Roll on the next one.

On Tuesday night I was demoing the Cuttlebug over at the Paper Mill Shop at Cheshire Oaks. I met the bright and bubbly Georgina, manageress of the shop, her mum and her friendly staff. It was a great night, but as per usual I spent more than I earned for my appearance. Upside is I'm now the owner of a shiny blue Bind it All machine, wires, book covers, cardstock etc etc. So how exciting is that?

Next demo is over at Embsay Mill, in Skipton on 12th July 2008 where I'm going to be demonstrating the fabbie new Cricut Create and Jukebox!! Come if you can. Hope to see you there mum.