21 August 2009

Craftwork Cards

Here are some of the lovely things I made on the Craftwork Cards workshops recently.

Shoe-box swap night

oooooooo what fun we had round at Janes the other night .... she hosted a shoe box swap night. Don't ask me why its called a shoe box swap cos its got nothing to do with shoes at all but rather the idea is each guest designs a papercraft project then prepares the a kit for each of the other guests. In our case there were five of us .... all were Stampin! Up demos except moi. Anyway what happens each 'shoe box' goes around the room and the person next in line takes their kit, makes the project and passes it on, so at any one time each person is making something different! And this is what we made...

This was Margaret's card project which I loved

This Debbies lovely post-it note holder project

This my 3" x 3" notelet project

This Janette's Christmas Card project

And this lovely chocolate orange gift bag from Jane

What a great evening