22 August 2008

Wedding and wedding anniversary cards

a sneak peek of a wedding card for a special friend ....

and a wedding anniversary card for someone even more special (I hope he's not reading this!) ...


19 August 2008

Cricut Design Studio Update

Yahoo!!! The CDS update is now available that not only updates the software to include the new cartridges (adds Graphically Speaking and Storybook) but also provides a firmware update for the new Create machines!! I've downloaded the update but not hooked my Create up yet. Will probably do that tomorrow and report back!

To get the update open Design Studio software, click on 'Help' and 'Check for Updates' or click on the link http://www.cricut.com/cds/update.aspx. I usually download and save the file to a location where I can then go and double click it to install. You will need to deinstall your existing version of Design Studio before you do the install (go through the Start button, All Programs, find your Design Studio icon and hit Deinstall Design Studio).


Just looking at the BBC website

and this is what they reckon ..

2008: 32 medals (15 gold, 9 silver, 8 bronze) - as at 1300 BST on 19 August
2004: 30 medals (9 gold, 9 silver, 12 bronze)
2000: 28 medals (11 gold, 10 silver, 7 bronze)
1996: 15 medals (1 gold, 8 silver, 6 bronze)
1920: 42 medals (14 gold, 15 silver, 13 bronze)

We're sure doing well at cycling and sailing!! Just shows what lottery funding can achieve.


C'mon Team GB - we've just taken another gold medal (another sailing one) taking our tally to 13! Although its a brilliant amount we can't stick at the unlucky number.

Its also just worth saying, what a complete hero is Michael Phelps. He really is superhuman. In fact half man half fish. Well done to him, his name has gone down in history!

ttfn x

17 August 2008

Get Me ...

two posts in one day ... my enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Thought I'd post some of the samples I made today for the Bramwells Bugs for All Seasons demos

Think the pink one is my fave ... bit different for a Christmas card but why not?!

More of the Same

Well I'm glued to the Olympics now. Its usually so disheartening to see our boys and girls losing out to the competition. But who would Adam and Eve it? As it stands right now we are third in the medals table!!! With another four gold medals and several silver and bronzes so far today we have now (according to Clarie Balding) won as many medals as we won in the whole competition last time around!
Anyway enough of that. Now to more serious things. You may notice I've added a gadget at the side of my blog called 'My Downloads'. You'll be able to click on the links to download project sheets for various card projects including:

Diamond Fold Card

Teabag Fold Christmas Tree

and Criss Cross Card

Chris x

16 August 2008

I take it all back

What! After a day like today at the Olympics there's nothing more for it than to eat my words. Four Golds, One Silver and Four Bronzes!! Success beyond all expectations. Go Team GB!

I treated myself to this for my Pandora bracelet today with my birthday money

and got my SIL Vicks this one which I think is really priddy

Off to a party at Bridgies now. Night night god bless.


14 August 2008

The other type of 'One of Those Days'

We had the other type of one of those days yesterday when DH decided to try to pay some money to his credit card online and having forgotton his inside leg measurement, his shoe size and his mother's great aunt Violet's maiden name, managed to get his credit card locked.

So unable to make the payment and, already late leaving for an important business meeting 5 hours from home, proceeded to a v v quick pitstop visit to the local branch of the bank in question. So he parks up in the pub car park opposite (which was closed) and legged it across the road to the branch to pay the money in.

The local sad *@&!£"^ (expletives deleted) car clamper, who obviously managed to tear himself away from his Take a Break magazine/picking his nose/listening to the air traffic controllers at Manchester Airport on his CB, had obviously spotted DH exiting the car park at speed. This (expletive deleted) must have moved faster than he ever had done is his life before and had DHs car clamped in the blink of an eye. Obviously proud of himself he then waited for DH to return within five minutes and demanded £90 to release him.

Take this as a warning all ye who endeavour to go about their innocent daily business in our home town, Dick Turpin is alive and kicking.

Actually highway blinkin robbery doesn't even begin to cover it.

10 August 2008

One of those days

We've had one of those days today. Those days when you start out by looking for something in the garage and end up emptying the every shelf and cupboard, sweeping, cleaning and sorting out stuff for the charity shop. DH's car boot is now full of stuff ready to be dropped off at Cancer Research tomorrow and the garage is fabby wabby doodah at least for now. Within a month we won't be able to find a thing.

I have one of those husbands (not that I'm complaining darling) that periodically clears out things that he thinks are useless (mostly my things) from the house and into the garage. So today I found a carrier bag full of kitchen utensils that mostly I'd forgotton I ever had. Fortunately I found a critical part of my Magimix that he'd put in there that I had scoured high and low for in the kitchen yesterday. It looks like one of those things that you have in a messy drawer that no-one has any idea what its for but without it all the spinny blady things in the Magimix won't fit. Anyway mystery solved but its too late now!

So feeling very satisfied with a job well done I went to my little room and made these with my lovely Inkadinkado stamps ....

This one is Santa (98684LL) and Seasons Greetings (97343K)

This one is Christmas Tree (97346O)

This is Snowman (97347LL) and Merry Christmas (97342MM)

I had fun with Jones Tones Shiny Clear glitter and Glossy Accents on most! Seems mad doing Christmas cards in the August sunshine (which we had today!) but a papercrafters work is never done. Ha!

Cheerio til later x

9 August 2008

New Inkadinkado Christmas stamps

I love the sketch stamps that Inkadinkado produce. They have such exquisite detail and are fabulous quality with deeply etched images ... and I particularly love their sentiments which are the finest of scripts and stamp perfectly every time. This one is called English Robin and is number
97894O ...

Sorry the image is a little blurred. I got a new lens for my camera for my birthday and I have no clue how to use it yet!

Over and out.

Birthday Girl

What a lucky girl I am. It was my birthday on Wednesday and my luverly hubberly bought me a couple more charms for my Pandora bracelet ... the ball shaped one with the mother of pearl hearts inlaid in it (soooo scrummylicious) and the ridged clip towards the left which I needed to break up the sections. Then my brother and sister in law turned up with another .... the lovely ribbed one on the right with my birthstone (peridot). So I've got six now and I'm completely hooked!

We're having a bit of a do tonight to celebrate our birthday week so there's half a hundred weight of chilli festering on the cooker, two pizzas the size of dustbin lids, and enough garlic bread to feed a delegation of vampire hunters!

I saw a little bit of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics yesterday. What a masterpiece it was, surely the best so far. Wish I had the time to watch the whole thing and regretting now not recording it. We'll probably come back with a pathetic number of medals but it won't stop us from wholeheartedly supporting our boys and girls out there! Come on Great Britain!!!! whoooohooooo!!

Roger and out x

8 August 2008

A cuttle more ....

I found this lovely silver card in The Paper Mill Shop and unlike mirri card it doesn't show fingerprints and embosses beautifully. I embellished the embossed snowflakes with some gems and stamped my Merry Christmas message in silver on black, decorating this with silver ribbon and silver gems, then mounted this with foam pads

This is another of the combo sets called Everyday Greetings (371164). I used watercolour pencils on the flowers and stems and chalks on the borders. I also used one of my favourites - Glossy Accents on some of the petals to give a glossy depth to them. Just thinking I might play around with a sentiment for this one. I also used some of the lovely new embossed border sets on this one. More to come. Thanks for visiting!

Going out now on a girly cocktail evening - sounds dangerous!

lol xxx

4 August 2008

3 August 2008


I'm posting this hoping that my sister-in-law won't see it until at least after her birthday next week! I found some yummy khaki green card in The Paper Mill Shop when I was there last week. I inked the inside of my Cuttlebug folder (Friends Forever Combo die and folder) with Colorbox Cream White Pigment Ink and ran it through the Cuttlebug. I then used a Sakura white glaze pen to flood fill the embossed image with white ink, added Hero Arts gemstones in varying sizes, stamped my sentiment with a khaki green ink and added a tiny bow. The whole thing was mounted onto a dark green and then applied to a pearlised green tent fold base card. I like the effect of the cream and khaki green colours.

I also made a second variation, slightly different as I didn't use gems on this one and added it to a smaller card. The sentiment is taken from the co-ordinating die, it was inked in khaki green pigment ink and embossed with clear embossing powder.

Hope you like them!
Cheerio for now