10 August 2008

One of those days

We've had one of those days today. Those days when you start out by looking for something in the garage and end up emptying the every shelf and cupboard, sweeping, cleaning and sorting out stuff for the charity shop. DH's car boot is now full of stuff ready to be dropped off at Cancer Research tomorrow and the garage is fabby wabby doodah at least for now. Within a month we won't be able to find a thing.

I have one of those husbands (not that I'm complaining darling) that periodically clears out things that he thinks are useless (mostly my things) from the house and into the garage. So today I found a carrier bag full of kitchen utensils that mostly I'd forgotton I ever had. Fortunately I found a critical part of my Magimix that he'd put in there that I had scoured high and low for in the kitchen yesterday. It looks like one of those things that you have in a messy drawer that no-one has any idea what its for but without it all the spinny blady things in the Magimix won't fit. Anyway mystery solved but its too late now!

So feeling very satisfied with a job well done I went to my little room and made these with my lovely Inkadinkado stamps ....

This one is Santa (98684LL) and Seasons Greetings (97343K)

This one is Christmas Tree (97346O)

This is Snowman (97347LL) and Merry Christmas (97342MM)

I had fun with Jones Tones Shiny Clear glitter and Glossy Accents on most! Seems mad doing Christmas cards in the August sunshine (which we had today!) but a papercrafters work is never done. Ha!

Cheerio til later x


Andrea said...

Oh wow, so many great cards!

Anonymous said...

Wow the tree card is beautiful.