14 August 2008

The other type of 'One of Those Days'

We had the other type of one of those days yesterday when DH decided to try to pay some money to his credit card online and having forgotton his inside leg measurement, his shoe size and his mother's great aunt Violet's maiden name, managed to get his credit card locked.

So unable to make the payment and, already late leaving for an important business meeting 5 hours from home, proceeded to a v v quick pitstop visit to the local branch of the bank in question. So he parks up in the pub car park opposite (which was closed) and legged it across the road to the branch to pay the money in.

The local sad *@&!£"^ (expletives deleted) car clamper, who obviously managed to tear himself away from his Take a Break magazine/picking his nose/listening to the air traffic controllers at Manchester Airport on his CB, had obviously spotted DH exiting the car park at speed. This (expletive deleted) must have moved faster than he ever had done is his life before and had DHs car clamped in the blink of an eye. Obviously proud of himself he then waited for DH to return within five minutes and demanded £90 to release him.

Take this as a warning all ye who endeavour to go about their innocent daily business in our home town, Dick Turpin is alive and kicking.

Actually highway blinkin robbery doesn't even begin to cover it.

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