9 August 2008

Birthday Girl

What a lucky girl I am. It was my birthday on Wednesday and my luverly hubberly bought me a couple more charms for my Pandora bracelet ... the ball shaped one with the mother of pearl hearts inlaid in it (soooo scrummylicious) and the ridged clip towards the left which I needed to break up the sections. Then my brother and sister in law turned up with another .... the lovely ribbed one on the right with my birthstone (peridot). So I've got six now and I'm completely hooked!

We're having a bit of a do tonight to celebrate our birthday week so there's half a hundred weight of chilli festering on the cooker, two pizzas the size of dustbin lids, and enough garlic bread to feed a delegation of vampire hunters!

I saw a little bit of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics yesterday. What a masterpiece it was, surely the best so far. Wish I had the time to watch the whole thing and regretting now not recording it. We'll probably come back with a pathetic number of medals but it won't stop us from wholeheartedly supporting our boys and girls out there! Come on Great Britain!!!! whoooohooooo!!

Roger and out x

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