9 July 2008

Boy I need to get organised

I spent hours last night on my knees in my room trying to sort out my stash ... its the 'can't get a quart into a pint pot' problem. Basically I've either got too much stuff or the room needs to get bigger. It's rained enough recently perhaps if I sprinkle some Miracle Grow on the roof it might grow a bit overnight.

I did clear out some stuff for my niece Hannah but its still busting out all over. Its great when its all put away but as soon as I start to work and I get a few things out I run out of desk space and get frustrated

Just in case you were wondering ... this is tidy

Anyway ... I'm on to it ... I have a plan ... all will be revealed at a later date.

Now a warning ... get the buckets ready ... I'm about to heap praises upon my DH... who bought me this wee wonderful for my Pandora bracelet this week, for no good reason other than he wuvvs me a lot ...

this lovely little dickiebird is only my third charm, and joins Spot my ickle doggie

and my swirly clip that I treated myself to
I don't do proper jewellery but I love this stuff. So thanks honey you are the best hubby I ever had.

Oooh while I remember here's a close up of those gorgeous buttons Jane put on our aprons (see yesterday's piccies). I'm sure she said she bought these in Paris. Probably cost a gazillion euros.

How lucky am I these just arrived from Bramwells, brand new in from the US are the new embossing folders and combo dies/folders for the Cuttlebug and some of the Solutions Cartridges for the Cricut.
All will be being used in the new demonstration programmes coming up over the next few months. My demos are listed above, in additional I have a Papermill Event at Cheshire Oaks in July and Hobbycraft demos in September. All dates will be added shortly.

And for those that haven't seen it yet ... the Cricut Create and Jukebox. ... come and see this baby in action soon.

Sweet dreams x

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