6 July 2008

WOW! Wimbledon

I'm worn out having just finished watching Nadal win Wimbledon. What a match. I only watched the last set and I felt like I hit every ball with each of them. It was the best final for a long time and I'm only sorry now I didn't watch all of it although I think I might be physically exhausted if I had!

Oooh and if you were watching the BBC coverage did you see the players reciting the Rudyard Kipling poem "If"? My English stiff upper lip quivered and trembled, my eyes filled with tears and my mascara ran down my face. It was so moving. If I remember rightly its the nations favourite poem and no wonder. Its always been one of my favourites, I learnt it by heart a while ago but hearing the players saying it really got me. Am I a big girls blouse, wussy, softy or what?

You judge here's the link

Here's more of that gorgeous Karen Burniston mini book that I gave you a sneak peek of ...

Now where is my make-up remover ....

(Oh and for those wondering why Gary needs make up remover in the piccies - this is his New Years Eve fancy dress version of Alice Cooper)

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