13 July 2008

First Jukebox Jive Demo

Just back from a wonderful day over at Embsay Mill, Skipton where we had the brand spankin new Cricut Create, featuring the brand spankin new Don Juan cartridge, and connected to the brand spankin new Jukebox, whilst with the other hand demoing the Design Studio Software on the computer.

For those that haven't already come across the Cricut machine, its a stand-alone (that is you don't need a computer), cartridge-based, personal electronic cutting system.

This new baby gives the functionality that its fantastic big brother, the Expression, gives (Rotate/Portrait, Fit to page, Auto Fill, Flip and Centre Point) but in the compact version of the original machine and with the ability to cut from 1/4" to 11 1/2" in quarter inch increments - that's a massive, mega, mind blowing 46 different sizes!! And when connected to Design Studio Software with three Jukeboxes stacked each atop the other (linking 18 cartridges directly to the machine) you really are in papercrafters, scrapbookers heaven! I mean how much excitement can one girl handle! Oh and thats before we even start talking about the pens - now rather than just cutting shapes you can draw too!! and draw and then cut! Fwwwworrr!

Just going for a bit of a lie down.

And for Judith with whom I spent ages trying to work out how to draw a shadow around a shape - the answer is Design Studio! Don't know why it didn't come to me straight away! Of course with Design Studio you can nest for instance, one shape inside another (or as many as you want), place them exactly where you want them on visual mat, swap the blade for the pen in the machine and hey ho, you're away!

Thanks to Trish, Geraldine and the staff at Embsay who looked after me wonderfully and who make the best egg and cress butties! And to my new friend who wanted to come home with me after trying to jump into my car in the car park.....

Obviously the provider for the butties!

Tara for now.

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