3 July 2008

Washout Wales

Just back from a few days in North Wales. Why is it that whenever mum goes the weather is always fab and yet whenever we go we get wind and rain? Don't get me wrong the sun shone ... briefly ... in between the rain showers.

The best day was Wednesday and we took a trip to Portmerion - wow - it's stunning! We spent the best part of the day there walking through the garden trails, on the beach and through the village and it was a great opportunity to snap away with our new camera. If only we knew what we were doing with it we might get something half decent!! So whether these pictures do justice to the extraordinary architecture and wonderful colours I'm not sure, you be the judge.

I truly recommend it as a great day out.

Now I know we don't know each other that well yet, and at the risk of giving you the impression that I shouldn't be let out on my own (which I probably shouldn't)... and even with husband in tow I am fallible.....
Am I the only one who has ever done this?? And I've done it before. Once I went to work with one high heel and one kitten heel on and wondered why I was limping all day.
Somebody ring for an ambulance.

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