19 July 2008

Snow White and the Six Dwarfs

Just back from a great day showing the Cricut Create, Jukebox and Design Studio over at Craft Land on Mostyn Street Llandudno. What a superb place, huge and with some great bargains. Thanks to Johnny and Ron for their warm hospitality and looking after me even though they hardly have chance to draw breath in that shop.

I was up until after midnight last night putting together these.....

I called it a day around 1am hence I took Snow White and the Six Dwarfs with me as samples today, just Dopey still to do.

These were all cut on the CREATE using the PORTRAIT and FIT TO PAGE FEATURE to get the largest cut possible on a 6x12 mat and they all appear on the HAPPILY EVER AFTER cartridge which features characters from CINDERELLA, SNOW WHITE, MULAN and AURORA (can someone tell me who Aurora is??)

Now then where's Dopey? Oh yes he's just washing up in the kitchen.


1 comment:

Dawn said...

Hi Chris, love your Snow White and 6 dwarfs.
Aurora is another name for Sleeping Beauty.
Sounds like you are keeping well